About Us

Our Story

We are more than a jewelry store. Our jewelry boutique is a place where women can come to express themselves through their style. Our desire is to provide jewelry that can be worn with your favorite jeans or your little black dress, transforming your clothes into stylish outfits.  Centered Jewelry is meant to be stacked so that you can create a look that expresses your unique, God-given beauty and personality.   We take great pride in our handcrafted products, locally-owned brands and loyal customers that represent the values of Centered Jewelry.    

If you are in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, stop by and see us! We are open 10-6 Tuesday through Friday and Saturday from 10-3. 



The Owner: Leslie Druhot

 Joyful, faith-filled and hardworking, Leslie Druhot is the owner of Centered Jewelry.  Leslie’s joyful spirit comes from her love of her career and her passion to inspire others to express themselves through the pieces she creates.  Having her life and career centered on faith is her main goal. Leslie hopes through her jewelry your faith is deepened, renewed or expressed in a more beautiful and meaningful way.  Leslie is the mom of 4 children and the wife to Scott.